As always the end of these courses is a bit bittersweet. We are sorry to disband our merry crew of course, but all of us have things to attend to, whether getting ready for graduate work (Allen and Arielle), getting ready for our upcoming school year (most students), or returning to the tsunami of work that awaits us in regard to grad student supervision, writing grants, preparing lectures (Bojian, Yuxiang, Steve), or returning to overseeing the Queen;s University Biological Station (Steve). I left at 5:00 am for Pudong Airport with two large bags filled with guides and equipment with the assistance of Bojian – my trip Pudong-Tokyo-Toronto-Kingston taking about 24 hours total. Others like Allen, Sacha and Vicki will return a bit later via different routes. Arielle and Renata will undertake their own independent adventures in China before returning westward. The 2+2 students and students from Chinese universities will return home and then back for another term of school.


Haneda Airport Tokyo